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I mix the double choc brownie with water and tastes really really good! If your looking to put on weight then this product is a must as it has over 500 calories in one shake! Super big tub too as well so will last much longer. I look forward to trying the strawberry one.


Jan 18, 2021

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Elite Mass Gainer is a formula specifically designed to provide high levels of quality calories. It delivers easily absorbed proteins and a blend of fast release and complex carbohydrates needed for glycogen replenishment to speed recovery and promote muscle growth after strenuous exercise. Elite Mass Gainer is a calorie dense, designed for hard gainers to stimulate muscle size and strength. The inclusion of pure micronised oat flower insures that the body has a sustained release of energy whilst also helping to regulate blood sugar levels also each serving is fortified with amino acids to fuel muscle growth. Each serving mixes smoothly and tastes great like a gourmet milkshake but with a calorie punch.

Suggested Use

Add 2 scoops to a shaker or blender, together with approximately 500ml water or milk (full fat milk can be used for extra calories) and consume 1-2 shakes daily, or as required.




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